House of Lords Bill Published

The government’s House of Lords Bill has been formally published amidst discontent on the Conservative backbench. 

The Bill is having its Second Reading on 9th July which will then be followed by the Committee Stage assuming the Bill passes this first hurdle. After this there would be a Report Stage followed by the Third Reading and movement of the Bill to the Lords where the process is repeated. 

Labour has already committed to voting against a timetable motion, designed to limit the time spent debating the Bill, and is likely to table an amendment for a referendum on this constitutional change. It is widely believed that many Conservative backbench MPs are considering voting with Labour on this.

The main details of the government’s proposals are as follows:

  • 80% elected Upper House by STV with 15 year non-renewable terms
  • 20% appointed by an independent commission (including a reduced number of bishops from the Church of England)
  • A break between peerages and a seat in the Second Chamber
  • No change in the relationship between the Commons and the Lords, with the former retaining supremacy
For the full report click here. As ever The Constitution Society will keep abreast of all developments.