Joint Committee publishes its report on House of Lords Reform

The Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill published its report today.

Amongst its main recommendations are:

  • An 80% elected chamber by STV with 20% nominated for expertise
  • 450 member strong House to provide an adequate pool to scrutinise legislation
  • 15 year non-renewable terms for members
  • A referendum to decide if members of the House of Lords are to be elected

The committee notes that such changes would alter the relationship between the two chambers but suggests existing conventions should suffice to ensure the supremacy of the Commons.  For the report in full click  here.

Some members of the committee will issue an alternative report setting out where they disagree with the official findings. This second report will call for a new joint commission to consider the cost of creating more elected politicians as well as the relationship between a reconstituted second chamber and the Commons and devolved regions.

A third report will disagree with the principle of a directly elected Lords.

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