ARCHIVE: On whether or not to repeal; a briefing on the debate surrounding the Human Rights Act and a UK Bill of Rights

[First Published on Tuesday 4th October 2011]

The following post was first published on ConSoc’s previous site. It is recorded here as a window onto issues as they were at the time. For more up to date news on the Constitution and Constitutional reform, make sure to follow the ConSoc blog.

This week, as senior politicians from both sides of the coalition express differences of opinion regarding the future of the 1998 Human Rights Act and the prospect of a new UK Bill of Rights, we present some of the best recent writing on the issue as well as some useful background information.

The Human Rights Act 1998

The legislation itself -

How it works -

The Commission on a UK Bill of Rights

How it was established -

Who its members are -

The Commission’s discussion paper, ‘Do we need a Bill of Rights? -’

A critical analysis of its composition -

A thorough analysis of its terms of reference and its options -

Michael Pinto-Duschinsky’s pamphlet on a possible way forward for a UK bill of rights -

A critical analysis of the Pinto-Duschinsky pamphlet -

In Summary

An argument in favor of repealing the HRA -

An argument against repeal -

Where the debate stands at the moment -